Wonkey Eye Will Be With Benji FOREVER

Paris Hilton was on The Late Show last night for the first time since David Letterman gave her a hard time about her jail experience. This time Dave wasn’t any easier on Paris and openly mocked her, her upcoming reality show and the latest products she’s endorsing, like her fake hair clips. She wasn't listening, and kept her fake smile on the entire time. Unfortunately, Dave couldn't get her to cry this time.

On her reality show
Paris said she will be staying in the house with the contestants on her “Paris Hilton’s my new best friend” MTV reality show, and Dave said “you’re going to be staying in the house with these common people for six week?” and she answered “I’m excited.” The contestants will be traveling around to Vegas and Japan and having "competitions."

Dave asked “You don’t actually believe that the person who wins will want to be your best friend, do you?” and she said that Nicole Richie has been her best friend since they were two, so she’s her number one best friend, but that she’s looking forward to meeting new people. (Nicole Richie can't stand her)

Dave joked “I envision…. the show has wrapped, you have a 20 minute party, you hop in the limo and bang you’re gone.”

No, I will be friends with them," Wonkey said, and you know she meant it!

On wanting to be Nicole Richie’s sister in law
Dave asked Paris if she would like a baby like Nicole Richie and she said “definitely” that she wanted a family.

Dave said he heard that the father of Nicole’s baby is the brother of Paris’ boyfriend and she said “they’re twins… we’re like sisters and they’re twins so it works out well.” Yeah, you keep saying that, but she has no interest in seeing you at all, ever.

Dave asked “Can you imagine if everyone got married and had kids and this were a family and stuff, you two would be sister in laws. Do you talk about that?”

“Yeah we do talk about it.” Then Paris launched into her Benji mantra: “I’m so happy, I’m so in love, and I know I want to spend the rest of my life…I know I will be with Benji FOREVER.... blah blah”