O.K. After This, I Promise I'll Stop

Dina Lohan responds to her cruel ex-husband! (See stories below)

"I'm getting nervous. I have a restraining order on him until 2011, but he doesn't honor it! Lindsay came to town two weeks ago and wanted security guys there in case he showed up. His parole officer needs to see what he's doing and realize that he cannot address me directly or indirectly. He wears a tracking device and they'll know if he comes anywhere near me. He's on a mission to destroy me."

Wow, that's too bad. Gee.. I hope he doesn't hurt Dina or Lindsay, that would be a real tragedy. And all this time, I thought he was on a mission to serve God, I had no idea he felt so much animosity towards Dina, poor thing.
Dina shows off her new man