Lindsay: Out of Control Thief

above, Lindsay was pretending to be an airplane

It looks like the fur coat wasn't the only thing Lindsay has stolen lately. Another model, Lauren Hastings, has come forward to say Lindsay stole a bunch of her designer clothes, ten thousand dollars worth. Love her ciggie as a hat accessory. Reporters have just told her that everyone knows about her stealing. She also stole so many items from Louis Vuitton, he made sure she would never model, or get free dresses again.

She said: "I have two closets, a lot of the stuff was missing out of one and the next closet was almost completely empty,” she told press. And she has five witnesses to prove it. “They all said they saw Lindsay in my closet, handing a bag of clothes to her bodyguard.”

Hastings contacted the police, who declined to investigate due to a lack of hard evidence. So she called Lindsay herself. “I contacted Lindsay and said, ‘Look, I know you stole my clothes.’ She then said I was completely delusional, I was pathetic.”

"On Monday night, April 16, Nicole was at a nightclub with Lindsay Lohan, who was text messaging Lauren when Nicole interceded, says the source. "Nicole just went off on Lauren by sending her text messages, saying Lauren was desperate and a fat bitch." "Lindsay was at the nightclub Hyde in L.A. at the time, sitting next to friends Nicole Richie and famed-DJ Samantha Ronson, and began passing around her Blackberry to show off the exchange, causing the girls to burst out in laughter.

Lindsay texted Lauren that she was a fat bitch, a friend of Lauren's says. Nicole Richie also chimed in, a source said, and told Lauren that Lindsay would return the clothes after they cut them up!

"Nicole wrote that she and Lindsay were going to cut holes in Lauren's jeans because Lauren was so fat and her jeans didn't fit," our source notes. "Then Nicole told Lauren that if she went to the cops, she would regret it!" our insider said.Well here's a text that Nicole Richie sent Lauren from Lindsay's phone :
and Nicole should learn how to spell.
Here is the hugely FAT Lauren, who dated DJ A.M., the real reason Nicole was threatening her

Lauren wearing one of the DESIGNER shirts that Lindsay stole

Lindsay's really hot boyfriend wearing it a few days later

Suddenly, the whore doesn't want to talk to reporters or have her picture taken

Now Steve-O is coming forward AGAIN to remind us she stole a bunch of cocaine from his house, and he wants it back. LOL!