Let's Talk Eyebrows

Apparently, bushy eyebrows are "back in style" No thanks. When the gigantic bellbottoms came "back in style", I felt the same way. Except I refuse to believe that bushy eyebrows were ever or will ever be "in style." Even when Ashley Olsen insists on wearing them

At first I was going to say that bushy eyebrows don't look good on anyone. They don't on Keira Knightley

or Joaquin Phoenix

and on Lourdes.. well, it's the worst case I've ever seen. Imagine when she gets older, and they have a chance to sprout and flourish! She's only eleven. Such a bushy tragedy

Grandpa Munster did wear his eyebrows with some success..

and not just in his vampire role, but also in real life!

Gene Shalit's brows catapulted him to TV critics fame!

And no one dare question Marty Scorcese's decision to wear his brows in this unruly manner, just out of respect for the family, you know what I mean?

After all, there are much worse things than bushy brows, I realized. Like Valene Ewing's burnt sienna brows OMG . Now I know why I always threw that crayon out of my new crayon boxes

I just saw her playing herself on NipTuck where she is addicted to plastic surgery, and she had sex with one of the dr.'s and I'm still having nightmares, it was so gross, fake and sickening

But wait! Then I remembered there is one dude who is cool enough to pull off the bushy brow look, and I'm sure you'll agree... Mr. Clean. And, let's not forget that he WAS once voted People Magazine's sexiest man