Jamie Lynne: Obsessed With Cheese

"I try to stay active, but exercise isn't good for the baby. I don't want to stay this way, but I won't pay somebody to make me skinny, I can make myself skinny. I just won't eat cheese every day. Right now, I eat cheese, cheese and more cheese."
(Jamie Lynne's post baby fitness plan)
"I love a big ol' pickle wrapped in cheese," she snorted

and nacho cheese, I got ta have about 6-7 lil' buckets full

"I love the Safeway brand canned cheese shot right into my mouth! I can do a whole can," she bragged.

"Or I'll just eat a hunk, but I gots ta have my cheese"

Jamie Lynne was seen leaving Cosco with a giant size Spam N' Cheese. She shouted "Yeah, that's right! I got my big Spam N' Cheese and I'm goin' home ta eat it! But don't knock it till you tried it!"