Kate's "Itch" Sends Ratface Scurrying Back To The Lab

Tom and "Kate" are reportedly going back into the Scientology lab to create a brother or sister for Suri. Kate said "I've got the itch," which is the most sickening way I can think of to describe wanting another, um... "baby"

A "close friend" (LIKE THEY HAVE ANY FRIENDS!) said: “Now that Suri is more toddler than baby, she said she misses having an infant in the house. And, of course, she thinks Suri would make a great big sister.”

And it doesn’t seem as if Tom’s averse to the idea, with the source adding: “He said if Kate wants to make another baby, she doesn’t have to ask twice. He always wanted more. It was Katie who has been holding off. Until now.”

Yeah. she doesn't have to ask twice, he just needs to order up some yummy L. Ron Hubbard sperm and they'll be good to go. AH!!!!!!!!