Maniston's VERY REAL Romance

Oh this is so boring. But in case any of you care, Jen Maniston and big head have been seeing eachother for weeks, after being introduced by Sheryl Crow. And, in case any of you think it's yet another fake publicity romance, think again! A "source" for People Magazine says "It's VERY REAL." LOL
Maniston sent the big headed singer "a sweet email, inviting him to spend some time in Miami with her", telling him it was beautiful there, like he'd never been there. They spent five days there together, "EVEN" (BIG DEAL) grocery shopping! This, according to a "source", had them "looking surprisingly domesticated as they "loaded their grocery bags into their car". SICKKKKKKK, what else were they supposed to do with them

Then, Maniston arranged for them to have a couples’ massage on Saturday at their suite at the Conrad Miami, where they moved after first staying in Aniston’s suite at the Mandarin Oriental.
If this is VERY REAL, then I think it could work out. They are both extremely annoying, and both very into themselves, which is always a good basis for a strong relationship.