Kate Hudson's Stalker Arrested

Kate Hudson's stalker has been arrested. Neil Bergman, 44, of Whitefield, N.H., was arraigned on burglary charges in Boston Municipal Court the other day and was then sent off for a 30-day mental evaluation. After Bergman was apprehended, he ranted to cops about Hudson and her mother, actress Goldie Hawn. Bergman, who claims to be a bartender at the Mountain View Grand Resort, was tossed out of the fab Four Seasons for “making a ruckus” the day before he was allegedly nabbed with stolen property.
Bergman posed as a gardener on Beacon Hill while allegedly burglarizing homes. Police arrested him last week near the Boston Common bandstand - he was wearing yellow slippers - and charged him with receiving stolen goods, burglary and other infractions.

In his 2000 Honda Civic, police allegedly found two axes, computer equipment, a copper weather vane, outdoor flower pots, an Elvis plate, a Christmas tree, and lots of women’s clothing.