Brit Bits

It's a slow news day, so here goes: Did I actually feel a slight twinge of sympathy for Britney today when I saw the photos of her standing in line at Claire's? Yes, because it's so sad and she's so child-like. To know that a 26 year old woman is spending her allowance in the mall when she was once one of the most admired entertainers in the world, made me feel, (if only for a brief moment), overwhelmed with compassion. She doesn't even see what we see, you can tell. The woman behind her is hypnotized by her weave. That damn Claire's is always so busy.
Next up we have little Jayden, Brit's son, hitting the gym yesterday with K-fat's bodyguard. This is what Britney misses out on while she shops for cheap jewelry that no one will see but her. He's really cute, but sadly, he inherited The Spears Ears, which are floppy, trailer trash body parts that he will have to have his entire life.
Now we look at Jamie lynne for a moment, (at the gas station again), and notice that for some reason, she looks like a backwoods hillbilly more than ever before in this picture! What is it about her face that looks so inbred? I can't get over it, and find it very disturbing.On to more disturbing matters than Jamie Lynne's face, is this image of Kevin that was taken from Britney's bedroom. Brit's Dad found it propped next to her bed, and asked her about it. She said it was her favorite picture of Kevin, and he took it away from her. Then, this picture from a recent photo shoot that Brit had at her home. Her mental illness has mutated and transformed her molecules, making her look completely different. It has nothing to do with her weight, make- up, or horrible weave, etc. She is not the same person at all. Pretty scary. Those who wonder about her having a "comeback"are idiots. You don't/can't "come back" from something as serious as years of an untreated illness such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and I'm afraid that is just the tip of psychosis and disorders she suffers from.