Waste of Space

Gigantic Man Feet
Shut your mouth, skank. You aren't sexy to anyone.Paris will be in her fifties going to parties, falling down, talking about her music and her stinky perfumes. UGH. Get your eye fixed.

Paris, 27, who is way too old for this, (this would be stupid even if it was Miley Cyrus's show) has paired up with MTV to search for a sidekick on a reality show called Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

So, what does her current BFF, Nicole Richie, think? “Nicole is my best friend and my sister, so she understands — she’s at home with her baby,” Hilton told PEOPLE at the Hollywood Hills party to announce the series. Like Nicole has spent more than 5 minutes at home with her baby.

While Hilton contends “there’s nothing that’s really hard” about being her best friend, she’s going to take the decision very seriously. “I am going to be in my element in Los Angeles and really showing these women my life, which is completely different than The Simple Life.” Really?! Because we thought you milked cows and hung out at the convenience store. God, she's an idiot. UGLY DRESS

Contestants will live in a house with Hilton and she will teach them how to be her best friend, leading them through competitions of loyalty, endurance and “girl politics,” eliminating them one by one. Who would want to even pretend they want to be this bitch's friend? They should use the cast off's from Flavor of Love. Why can't she find her own friends, and as if whoever is picked really will be her friend. This might be the stupidist idea ever.

As for what she’s looking to get out of the 20 contestants, she says, “Someone that I just trust and not someone who’s going to stab me in the back — it’s happened a lot in this town. Just someone I can have fun with, someone who could be like my sister, and won't make fun of wonky, or the size of my feet.” Yes because Paris is so trustworthy and loyal and.. friendly. She gets grosser each day.