Lindsay Spent $70,000. On Orange Tanner

Along with an anger issue for her recent out of control tantrums, Lindsay Lohan has a serious cash flow prob. She is broke as joke, and hasn’t been getting movie offers since completing rehab last year.

“Lindsay has had a reality check; she’s not getting offers like she used to. She has this sense of entitlement, but her short lived stardom was a long time go. She’s definitely thinking she needs a big blockbuster just so she can go back to living comfortably,” said one source in the film industry.

So what happened to Lindsay’s Disney cash? She spent it on drugs, rehab stints and tanning appointments.

The magazine concludes that Lohan has paid more than $315,000 on rehab stays and more than $1 million on hotels (in particular, they point to the $2,700/night suite at the Chateau Marmot where Lohan lived for a time). The magazine says that she spent a mind-boggling $70,000 alone on her fake tanner.

Luckily for Lindsay, she has a great mind for business that will surely put her back on top, and that is the brand new idea of making some LEGGINGS.

It's a secret!" she told the world, but it will be a while before they come out, but I’m going to do it. Some of them will have prints and some will have patterns. I love leggings.”

Yeah, we noticed.

There was the burrito incident and she just threw a huge tantrum in Paris when she refused to walk the red carpet because Paris Hilton was on it. The picture is from that event, and as you can see, with the splattered acne all over her face, she's lucky she got to attend at all.

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