Britney Jean Buys Jamie Lynne a $30,000 Nursery

This weeks issue of "Country People Magazine" Why do all these hicks have three names? I guess we better call Britney "Britney jean" from now on. UGH. It's so annoying. Jamie Lynn Spears will settle down with her new baby in Kentwood, and even though Auntie Brit couldn't care less about her own kids, the sky is the limit for her new nephew.

Jamie Lynn's son's nursery is being designed by Petit Tresor (the same company that did J. Ho's three nurseries) (THREE for 2 mutants, so that one would always be "fresh smelling) and has an ocean theme. Britney is picking up the tab, and despite her weekly allowance of $1,500, the source said, “So far she’s spent more than $30,000 on it — she’s sparing no expense for her nephew.”

Jamie Lynn picked the “Round Crib at Sea” at $1,150

the “Bliss Nursery Dresser @$995

as well as organic bedding and baby blankets that are being made by Robbie Adrian, a steal at only $93 each.

Britney did have one special request that seems strangely symbolic: an elephant in the room. According to the source, Britney ordered a custom-made, six-foot-tall elephant with a blue bow. Now THAT'S CLASS. Leave it to a Spears to go to Petit Tresor and be able to pick out the tackiest, most boring baby stuff there is FOR A PLACE LIKE THAT. Everything else there is so beautiful it makes you want 25 kids. Because after all, buying cool stuff for them (that's REALLY FOR YOU, right J.Ho?) is all that matters.