Britney To Buy Mexican Restaurant For Dad and K-Fat

K-Fed is finally ready to start working for a living. He is reportedly interested in taking over his favorite Mexican restaurant, (called Casa Cordobes,) and wants to go into business with his former father-in-law. The two have spent long hours together, and became close while making fun of Britney. They have both had to put up with her insanity, and feel like she owes them. Jamie Spears dabbled in the restaurant business once before, but his last attempt running the kitchen went up in flames, primarily due to his alcoholism.
Of course, the two budding restaurateurs are expecting Britney to pay for their venture. Right now they are doing alot of cooking together a Kevin's, and experimenting with different recipes. They are sure having a ball, staying up late into the evening. This is the reason that Kevin has put on so much weight. "Daddy Spears, yer makin' me fat!" Kevin said with a glimmer in his eye, and the two men howled with laughter.