Katie the Prisoner

Katie may be much bigger than Teeny but his temper is explosive!
Teeny Boy has quite the security system. He has had cameras installed in every single room. Teeny is paranoid that crazed fans or kidnappers may try to harm his family. He's also installing a security guard house and a moat that will wrap around the 13,000 square foot mansion.

Katie has told friends that she feels like a prisoner in her own home. A source said, “There will be codes and devices that only Tom will have the secret information to operate. Katie, who led a carefree life before she met Tom, says it’ll be like a prison. Every move she makes inside or outside their house will be recorded. she says she’ll feel as though there is no escape from Tom’s controlling ways.

The cameras are everywhere, and if she could find an inch of space where they're not, there are also the beady eyes of Tom's mother, Mary Lee, or his sister LeeAnn. She must ask permission before she does anything, and is only allowed to speak with her security detail, and other Scientologists.