Steve-O Charged With Felony in Nut House

from Steve-O's blog: (yes he has internet in the crazy bin)
"They call it "code 5150," that means "psycho," legally, fuckin bat-shit, certifiably. I’m outta my mind, believe-you-me. How’d I get this way? How can this be? It’s gotten so bad there’s nothing left of me." -Steve-O

Steve-O was reportedly admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital last Sunday. He's also getting charged for felony cocaine possession by the LA County District Attorney's office, according to
Regarding the hospitalization, we're told O was admitted to the Thalians Mental Center last Sunday -- the same place Owen Wilson was at.
The drug charge stems from his arrest on March 3 for allegedly vandalizing his neighbor's property, whereupon cops found him in possession of coke.

Here's the details on Steve-O's arrest where his neighbor pulled a little vigilante action .

TMZ has learned that Steve-O was, according to a source, breaking holes in the walls of his L.A. apartment building when one of his neighbors dropped a dime on him, and even made a citizen's arrest, holding Steve-O until the LAPD arrived, and took him away.