Hohan Invented Leggings


Bad news, Lindsay. I invented leggings, back in 1993. I came up with the idea, along with The Limited. They were a big hit! But then girls like you started wearing them and ruined them. Just like the sluts who used to dump Calvin Klein Eternity all over themselves, ruining that for me too. They aren't anything new. Another tip: If you have Little Sizzlers for legs, they aren't that flattering. You are drawing attenton to your fat freckly sausage legs, not a good thing. The shiny kind are tacky, filled with electricity, and don't even look good on kids. If your legs look fat in black leggings, they are fat.
The brown ones are cute... IF YOU'RE GOING HORSEBACK RIDING. P.S. Brown and black don't match.

At a party in NYC on March 6th, HoHan said, “I'm doing my own leggings line! But it’s a secret. It will be a while before it comes out, but I’m going to do it. I love leggings. They’ll have designs. Some of them will have prints and some will have patterns.” OMG that's amazing! Thanks for telling us "your secret." I won't tell anybody, because NOBODY CARES.
Okay, I'll admit it. I love this outfit and shoes. Not on you though, on me. You are totally posing off my style here. Except I don't have thunder thighs, an orange face, or crabs. When are you going to "shoot a film?" I know studio "honchos" are just dying to get you after "I Know Who Killed My Career" I thought you were going to "travel abroad" too, to study?