Hogan's USE Nick's Victim for Photo Opp

On August 26, 2007, Nick Bollea (Nick Hogan) was racing his yellow Toyota Supra in the middle of downtown Clearwater, FL. when the moron lost control. The car then flipped, hitting a palm tree with its backend. Nick escaped with minor injuries, but posed for this lame picture to pretend he was hurt.

His passenger, 23 year old Marine and Iraqi war veteran, John J. Graziano, suffered massive head injuries and has remained in a coma ever since. Although tensions remain high between the two families, the Hogans had an open invitation to visit Graziano whenever they wanted. Not anymore.
St. Petersburg Times reports:
The bastard Hogans called photographers to photograph them visiting John in a coma. They don't usually visit him, LIKE HE WANTS a stuffed animal, candy or flowers, EVEN if HE WASN'T In a Coma. Hey Brooke nice stripper shoes. UGH
Linda, Brooke and Nick Bollea are no longer welcome at the hospital bedside of John Graziano. That's because the trio went to the hospital on Valentine's Day with gifts, and images of their arrival showed up on celebrity blogs the Graziano family's attorneys said Wednesday. "We believe that it was a total public relations stunt," said attorney Kimberley Kohn." And yes, the Hogans are getting their asses sued: The Hogan's will face "astronomical" costs to care for Graziano in the future, attorneys said.
Hulk is enraged over the stunt his family pulled! Now it will cost him more money!