Lindsay's Rage As She Finds Onions in Her Burrito

Lindsay Lohan flew into a triple deluxe rage yesterday, while making a credit card commercial - after finding onions in her burrito. When the burrito came, Linds gasped "Oh, good, I'm so hungry!" Suddenly, she paused and said "Do I smell onions?" Everyone got quiet.

She screeched : "I didn't f****** order this! Who is the f**cking idiot responsible for this?!" When no one answered, she said, "We'll all just sit here then ... and nobody eats until someone comes forward!"

Lindsay was doing a credit card shoot, (She is unable to get a film role) at the time in L A. She is trying to have her own line of "leggings for sluts", and she recently had an art exhibit of her TATOOS. She also has many offers to pose naked.