Don't Call Lisa Marie Fat

If you want to make fun of Lisa Marie Presley, there are so many better reasons than because she's fat. She's forty years old and pregnant with twins, and 5'2" tall. Now that that is out of the way, how about her make-up?

How about that she is a devout Scientologist, along with her mother and her first husband, Danny Keough? From Rolling Stone: Danny Keough, Presley's first husband, was and is a deeply devoted Scientologist.

Then there's Paige Dorian, "her assistant and friend of eight years," also a Scientologist. And Luke Watson, another Scientologist, who is "documenting her recent life on film."

Watson was reportedly once assigned to "look after Presley" by Scientology. (code for: GET HER MONEY)

Dorian and Watson accompanied her for dinner with the Rolling Stone reporter. She explained "They live my life with me." (AHHHHH!!!! The "minders!")

Like Kirstie Alley, Presley claims to have overcome drugs because of Scientology. She says, "I did drugs for four years."

Ironically, Elvis LOATHED Scientology. According to members of his inner circle he once said, "F - - - those people! There's no way I'll ever get involved with that son-of-a-bitchin' group. All they want is my money." When Elvis heard they were going to try to recruit him into their cult, he went crazy, and started doing his karate kicks, warning, "This is what they'll get if they come after Big E!"
Elvis Presley
Presley's marital history is strange and strewn with Scientology connections. Below, she enjoys an outing with her fellow Scientologists.

Twenty days after ending her first marriage with Keough she married Michael Jackson in the Dominican Republic. Her first husband's brother and wife, both Scientologists, witnessed that wedding.

The Jackson/Presley union ended after 20 months. And the lawyer that tied up the loose ends was John Coale, another Scientologist.

It was rumored that the Jackson marriage was a sham, concocted by the "King of Pop" and Scientology to neutralize an ugly sex scandal.

The Jackson marriage ended because Michael Jackson made it clear that he would not be involved with the controversial church.

Her third husband , Nicholas Cage, wanted nothing to do with Scientology.

Or, you could make fun of her because of how she dresses, and what her husband looks like:

or you could make fun of her mom's gloves:

and how ridiculously she poses:

or, you could make fun of her mom's plastic surgery

and, that she used to dress alike with her mom:
But it's dumb to call her fat, (like I sort of did, okay, I did) because she's really been pretty her whole lifeIt was fun, though. Sick, huh. (To call her fat names I mean) Because she is so pretty...
At least she used to be