Skeletor Has a New Nickname

Oh God!! The sheer depth of the pain and glory of our love!!!" That's what they're feeling here, in this tender yet pulsating embrace. Skeletor thinks he's funny/cool because he can burp their stupid devil spawn. Wow, Skel good job! Show me an idiot who can't burp a baby, it's so hard... anyway, he went on: "I'm so good at it that m'lady Jennifer calls me "The Burp Whisperer." Oh hahahahah!!!!! Bad news, Skeletor. That doesn't make any sense. You would be like the mini skeletor whisperer.

You and Jennifer are real funny though! We can't wait to hear more baby stories, because nobody else has any stories quite like yours, and your babies are so special. People who don't have kids just can't get enough of those stories! And people who do have babies have seen it all before, Skel. You two are annoying enough, and universally hated throughout the world, so if I were you, I'd just stay home, fry up some burritos, sing your lady some of your really groovy spanish love songs, and keep your boring baby stories to your ugly selves. Thanks.